With MotionTube, you can make a stop motion movie on your iPhone !

MotionTube is an stop motion or slow motion movie maker. You can also make diaporamas with your photos.

  • Take photos or picture from your library to make your movie. You can manage the framerate of the video (from 1 to 25 images per second).
  • Add audio tracks for each character of your movie, or for sound ambiance. You can manage each track volume separatly and modify pitch of each character voice.
  • Send your movie to Youtube directly from your device, your movie can be twitted by MotionTube (http://twitter.com/motiontube).
  • Send your movie to your frineds by email.
  • You can also pick up taken photos or only movie's ones.

Demonstration :

And the result :

Click here to download MotionTube on the App Store and make your first stop motion animation